Team info – Weeks of July 18 and 25, Practice, Scrimmages, and First Fund Raiser

Hi Folks,


Hope everyone had great 4th of July.  We got a busy schedule ahead for the next 2 weeks. 


Starting tonight we’ll have practice Mondays and Thursdays at 6:30 at Hoover. 

The club just negotiated a deal with Bensalem to get access to more fields starting August 1st.  I’m looking at moving one or both of our practices to Bensalem.  It will be at the corner of Knights and Byberry.  I’ll keep everyone posted, but that won’t start until August.


We setup two scrimmage games this Friday, 7/22, and the following Friday, 7/29. Both games will be at Penn Academy. It’s 9151 Academy Rd. Philadelphia PA 19114.  It’s at the Thomas Holme School.  We are playing a very good team from that area both games.


We have the Applebees Pancake Breakfast Sunday, 7/24 at 8AM.  Beth needs a count of how many tickets you sold by Friday.  Her email is


I understand if you can’t make all the practices, part of the reason for having two is provide flexibility to miss a couple.  Please update your status in Team Snap for me. 





Fwd: Parade tomorrow

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Subject: Parade tomorrow



Hulmeville Club will be walking in the parade tomorrow.  We def will have some of our team joining.  If you can make it, come join them.  I’m down the shore, but Bill and Gary will be there.  Here is Bill’s number if you have trouble finding them, 215-630-6842.


4th of July Parade

It’s a tradition for the new travel teams to represent and walk in 4th of July Parade in Middletown.  Parents are welcomed to walk as well.  Please let me know if you would like attend.

Here is the Middletown link to it


Also here is a the email from the organizers regarding it;

We received your entry for participation in the upcoming Middletown Township Independence Day Parade.  We are looking forward to your participation.  Plan to arrive between 8:00 and 8:30 AM.  *All of the marchers and vehicles must enter the staging area from Route 1 and Route 413.  Please notify everyone in your group.  Route 413 from Trenton Road to the VSEC parking (301 Veterans Hwy Levittown, PA 19056)  lot entrance will be closed at 8:00 AM.*


You will stage along Veterans Hwy and in the parking lot of the Emergency Veterinary Center.  When you arrive you will check in with a Parade Committee member and be given further directions.  We will march 1.6 miles from Veterans Memorial Park to Twin Oaks Park on Trenton Road.  Arrangements should be made to have your group picked up at Twin Oaks.  There will be parking at Twin Oaks Park for buses and some cars.  Units with large vehicles will not be able to turn into the park entrance.  You are free to continue on to your next destination or return to the staging area once the unit crosses over Woodbourne Road.  There is no post parade program.


Please remind your parents that they and their siblings can walk in our groups.





Practice schedule weeks of 6/19, 6/26, and 7/3

Hi All,


I’m going to split the boys up for the next two Monday practices and have full team practices on Thursdays. So the 3 week practice schedule is as follows.  All practices will be at Hoover at 6:30


Monday 6/20:



Dylan Love

Dylan Rooney



Thursday 6/23:

Full Team


Monday 6/27:







Thursday 6/30:

Full Team


Week of 7/3:  No Practice.  Will be down Sea Isle at 36th and Landis, if anyone wants to visit!


Happy Fathers to the dads on the list.







Team info week of 6/12



Hi All,


Monday Practice for WHOLE TEAM at Hoover

We’ll have a FULL team practice at Hoover tomorrow Monday at 6:30.   There will be no practice Thursday. 


A reminder about registration and uniform

For anyone who hasn’t registered yet, feel free to do online.

Also, if you haven’t already.  Please bring cash or check written made payable to “Beth Bobbing” for $131.15 without the bag or for $184.15 with the bag.


Team Snap

I’m setting up the TeamSnap app to make communication easier.  You should be receiving an invite to join soon. 


Thanks everyone who could made it over to our house yesterday, we had a great time. 






Monday practice, online reg available, uniform $$

Monday Practice for WHOLE TEAM at Penn Academy

We have an opportunity to a attend a free training session held by the Parisi Soccer School at Penn Academy this Monday.  So instead of having the half-team training session at Hoover, this is for EVERYONE to attend at

the Penn Academy (9151 Academy Rd) .  This will be a great introduction for what I intend our Monday workout sessions at Hoover will include.

After this Monday, we will begin the every other week routine at Hoover on Mondays.  I’ll update the online calendar to reflect this update.  Thanks to Mike, Luciano’s dad, for arranging this.

Online Registration

I assisted updating the Hulmeville website, it was in desire need for some TLC.  We included the ability to register online.  For anyone who hasn’t registered yet, feel free to do online.

Uniform Ordering – Wear yellow/gold shirts for scrimmage

We are going to order the uniforms as a team.  If you could please bring cash or check written made payable to “Beth Bobbing” for $131.15 without the bag or for $184.15 with the bag.   Bring this to either practice next week or the scrimmage game on Saturday.  Have the boys wear gold/yellow shirts for scrimmage.

Reminder, Mel and I are inviting everyone back to our house after the scrimmage.  Feel free to bring other siblings as well, we’re looking to get head count, let us know if can stop after.



Team info week of 5/31

Hi All,

Hope everyone had a nice Memorial weekend.

Final Roster and Website with schedule

I’m excited to announce we have our final roster.  Our roster is posted on a wordpress site at .  I plan to post all games, practices, events, and copies of emails on this site.  So this will be a good reference for all team information.  We can also use this to post photos and other media.

Practice and Uniform fitting

We have practice this week 6/2 Thursday at 6:30 at Hoover followed by our uniform fitting at 8PM.  Def Herbert Hoover, sorry again for the mix up with the fields last week.  Please let me now if you can’t make it Thursday.

Moving forward with practices, I plan to have a full team practice every Thursday at 6:30PM-8PM at Hoover

I want to train half the boys every Monday.  I’m putting together a schedule now, but the idea is, your boy would have a second practice every other Monday.  These will be dynamic, so you may have some consecutive Mondays. These will be very focused training based practices.  They will run from 6:30-7:30 also at Hoover.  These Monday training sessions will  be starting June 6th through to early August. The first two weeks are posted on the site.   In August, we’ll start full team two practices a week to prepare for the Fall season.

Attached is the uniform pricing with the optional bag cost.

Scrimmage confirmed and burgers after at my house

We have our scrimmage with Horsham confirmed for 2PM on 6/11 at Herbert Hoover.  After the scrimmage, my wife and I are inviting everyone back to our house in Penndel for burgers and dogs.  Let me know if you can make it.

Costs (take two)

Attached is the Hulmeville registration form.  This is an annual cost that is paid directly to the club.  The travel costs are $165.  Moving forward, all families will pay $30 per month for 12 months.  These costs will cover our tournaments, Winter and Spring Leagues as well as referee dues and some winter training.  The $30 a month will not include the uniform or the club registration, these will be additional expenses.    I ask each player to commit year to year.  A year cycle will be July 1st to June 30th.   So your first $30 will be due on July 1st.   This will be paid to our team manager who will manage our books.

So the club registration fee is due in June and the uniform payment will most likely be needed shortly after this Thursday.  After these upfront costs. there will only be the $30 a month to Beth , our team manager. We’ll rely on fund raisers for whatever the $30 a month doesn’t cover.

Fund Raiser – Save the date

We have our first fund raiser scheduled for July 24th at Applebees.  It’s a pancake breakfast event.  Beth will have more information to come, but save the date.

All this information can be found on the website.

As always feel free to call ,text, or email me if you have any questions.